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Final Meals Print E-mail
Written by Lee Ann Monat   
Friday, 18 May 2012 00:00

Yams with butter, nettles and curry

It's that time again...the pre-move/trip fridge clear out. It's so difficult to gauge grocery shopping and not generate too many dishes. Packing up the kitchen seems to be the hardest and, at least for me, most drawn out part...

This past Wednesday morning was a whirlwind of cooking up what needed it so I could wash and pack my pots, pans and remaining dishes. I swear, it's like they keep multiplying! Just when I think I had a good handle on it...I would discover a pile I hadn't noticed smirking at me from behind some other pile I had created during the packing madness. I suppose it always goes down like this. I totally mis-judge how much there is to do and schedule in far too many breaks...but breaks are important, no???

Anyway...I ended up making a carrot and beet salad (cooked beets - cubed with shredded, raw carrots dressed with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder and red wine vinegar to taste). I also made the above yam dish...in which I cubed two yams, simmered them (possibly too much) and then rolled them in butter, ground stinging nettles, sea salt, curry, turmeric, and a little crushed red peppers. I did it all in the bowl, letting the heat of the cooked yams melt the butter and the flavors to mingle.

I've been trying very hard to not generate any more dishes, but it's really difficult!

I've decided to move whatever food I have left into disposable containers (I know, I know) and wash and pack everything else. Whatever I don't finish eating with my plastic (I know) utensils and paper plates will be sacrificed to the garbage. I know.

I am looking forward to the end of the move...so I can move on.

Eating out and at my Mom's will be a welcome relief in the days before I head out to work in the Abbey Kitchen and House Keeping for 5 months.

Mother's Day BBQ - Much Preferred Meal Venue...


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