Lee Ann grew up in a small town in Connecticut before earning a BFA in Advertising Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She then worked in the production department at TV Guide Magazine for 11 more years before deciding she needed a change. After putting a new plan in place, and with a lot of support, she left her cubicle and apartment in New York to pursue her dream of living in Scotland by volunteering in the Abbey kitchen on the Isle of Iona.

After reluctantly returning to the states, she realized that her passion for food and helping people could not be ignored and decided to pursue health coaching and the culinary arts; earning certificates in both fields. She is also an herbalist, artist, photographer, Reiki healer, blogger, and traveler (usually back to Scotland). She has found, and continues to create, a new life by following her bliss and hopes to help others along on their own body and soul journey!

You can read the long(ish) story HERE.


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