If At First You Don't Succeed...Yada Yada...

Kefir Cheese

I'm trying to get better at failing. I don't mean catastrophic occurrences or anything, just simple day to day endeavors that may or may not work out...

First one: Making Kefir for the first time. Big Fail. I ending up making some sort of cottage cheese. Apparently I can start over, so just need to buy more milk. Most normal people would be all, "who cares, let's go watch Netflix," I, on the other hand HATE not being instantly good at something...especially if it falls within my chosen field of work. HATE IT.

I'm trying to look at the "failing" in a different way these days...as a learning experience and step to the next achievement. "Failing Up," as my friend Miriam would say.

I have recently begun making some new baby steps forward in my wellness business and I am feeling both excited and shaky. When I first started on this road, everything I was interested in was already going strong in my area of the world...so I sort of felt like the market was saturated. When I came down here, I was met with a lot of opinions that no one was interested in healthy eating/lifestyles...I even had a hard time finding cooking jobs within that world because nothing really existed. Now I sort of feel like I either missed the boat entirely...or it's the right time because people are more receptive to the idea since more healthy companies exist. I am trying to go with the second one.

 Another "problem" I have been experiencing is that I feel like I am supposed to already know everything. Like, just because I graduated from culinary and health coaching programs I should never have to look anything up, or (God forbid) ask anyone for help. When I really stop and think about that...it's such crap. I need to get over that one really fast. Especially since I want to be constantly learning new things and this thinking is only making my energy stagnant, unproductive...and unhappy!

 The truth is, there is always going to be someone else (seemingly) doing what you (and I) do. Sometimes it's hard to remember that there is enough for everyone. Not everyone is a perfect match for what the other guy is doing...perhaps your way suits them better. However, they will never learn this if you sit at home being afraid to let your unique light shine. I need to listen to my own words here! And so what if I fail a little here and a little there along the way...as long as I keep stepping up.


P.S. Funny add-on to this post: right after I finished writing it, I had a major kombucha explosion with one of my experimental flavors...and I just laughed and cleaned it up (this time, lol).