The Music In Me

Speaking of life after world now includes a lot of music. This is something that I haven't really done since high school.

When I was on Iona I got involved with the staff choir at The Abbey. I hadn't really done any public singing since elementary school when at the age of 11 I was forced to choose between chorus and orchestra (apparently in Middle School we couldn't do both). I chose to develop my violin and orchestra skills. Unfortunately, I also developed a wicked case of shyness during those years and so when, in High School, we could audition for the chorus...I chickened out and stayed with only orchestra (a group I was already in without having to open my mouth).

When I went away to college in NYC, I left behind my violin...but continued my habit of singing along to my stereo behind closed door, lol.  So when. The opportunity to. Sing at the Abbey came about...I. Was all for it. Unfortunately, when I returned to the States...I yet again was without a musical outlet...which had become more important to me than I realized. Fast forward to me heading down here to Louisiana where I was encouraged to join the choir at my friend's church (a friend I had met on Iona, and who knew how much I had enjoyed staff choir). Most good things tend to stem from Scotland.

Being a part of the church choir definitely kept me afloat through some rough times...and it led me to start taking voice lessons...which led me to audition for the Shreveport Opera chorus...where I just finished Fiddler On The Roof at the beginning of March (my 5th show, ever). Being a part of the Opera has taught me many things about myself, and has certainly improved my singing and self confidence. I. have a whole other blog in the works about my opera experience. Considering how shy I was, and still's totally ridiculous when I stop to think about it. But as my childhood violin teacher told my Mom recently, "She always did have a lot of music in her."

I am incredibly grateful to have an outlet for it now.