Life After The Leap

My Patio Garden

I have been struggling to keep this blog current. Once upon a time I treated it like it was my job! Back in the day of working in a cubicle for most of my time and desperately needing a creative outlet. I turned to my kitchen, my camera, and then the internet. I shared my dreams and struggles with whoever wanted to "listen" and then I made a leap of faith. I quit my NYC life, tore everything I had built up down, and moved to Iona for 7 months. And what then?

I have certainly written on here, sporadically, about what was going on. What it feels like now, as I sit here, is a lot of chaos and trying to find my way again for the past 3-4 years. The dust seems to finally be settling, and I know that it will get kicked up again, but for now I feel like I am finally starting to make a little sense of my life again.

So what does happen after you tear down and build up again? In my case, you don't necessarily end up where you thought you would. Back in 2012 I had dreams of living in the Highlands (of Scotland), and right now I live in Highland (Shreveport, LA). Was I not specific enough??? LOL. I think things work out exactly as they should, and we are never ever finished.

I have gone back and read lists of wishes I made and quite a lot of them have manifested, although in unlikely ways.

  • I wanted to have an awesome dog: Sam
  • I wanted to have music in my life: Church Choir, Voice Lessons, Opera Chorus.
  • I wanted to work in food: Gourmet Associate and other things in the works.
  • I wanted to create community: When I get out of my way, I can see/feel it.
  • I wanted to have a place where I could have sun and plants and a patio for Sam and be close to work (and affordable rent): My apartment.

    Then, the things still in progress/dream-stage:

  • I wanted/want to have my own business that I could do from anywhere....working on that (building my community is a start, as is getting back on here).
  • I wanted/want my work
  • I wanted/want to be able to travel (to Scotland) whenever I wished: I went last May (the future of this one is certain even if I don't know how yet).
  • I wanted/want to also be able to visit my family whenever I wanted: This one still needs figuring out. But my Family is coming to me in May!

Financially speaking, I am still in the building up phase. I am pretty sure that is also cyclical. I went from making more money in a more expensive city, to being un-employed for awhile, going back to school, and then restarting my life in an industry that I earn less in...but I am also in a place where general pay and cost of living is things even out. I also am enjoying what I do. Big Plus.

There is also a lot of personal work that goes on as a result of all the changes. It all keeps me very busy (and exhausted)! One issue I'm trying to resolve is over-stuffing my time. I need true down time to function properly and I have not been giving to myself, but also know the importance of networking and building community right now. I need to figure out how to put my attention where it's needed and take time when it's not.

I feel very lucky to have seemingly found a niche down here...I admit that I've had to remind myself that I am not where I was 4 years ago more than once. Things have been manifesting quite nicely and I am grateful. The biggest takeaway from all this is that I know it is possible to change my create something in a mindful way. It's a very empowering feeling when I stop and realize all I have accomplished.