Leading By Example

Taking Leadership In My Business

I keep thinking about what my word for 2017 should be. I wanted to expand it to two: Gentle & Dynamic. But something doesn't sit well with that. Although those are the words I want to describe my life...I think that 2017 deserves a more, well, dynamic word...

Leadership comes to mind... I was told in a horoscope for the coming year that 2017 is my year to show up. What ever  that means. Perhaps it will be about sharing my voice once again, stepping up, being seen and heard. I wonder if there's a gentle way of going about it.

I do intend on showing leadership within my own life. I want to get my finances in order, get back to blogging, update my website, get Sam to listen to me (he is currently pouting in the bedroom because I have been busy all morning). I also know that I need to take leadership when it comes to self care. I burned myself out pretty good in 2016, over various things. Money, personal life...worry and stress until I ended up losing my hair and spending most of December with a bad cold. Certain things have shifted and I will have more time off in the New Year (and with another Opera coming up, I will need the extra time). I would like to be able to do some volunteering, but risk filling my schedule up too much with doing that. I will have to think on that one a bit. Perhaps in the Spring.

So here's to 2017, leading into the future.