This is the Sound of One Voice

I left Iona, after 7 months of volunteering, on December 29, 2012. It's hard to believe so much time has passed...and so much has changed...

I took my anniversary of "leaving day" to regroup after the holidays and being sick most of December. I actually didn't even realize what day it was until "On This Day" on Facebook pointed it out. It seemed very fitting that I was having a (productive) day of rest with Sam at home. Laundry and dishes got washed, Sam got a walk in the sunshine, a nail trim and a bath...the bath was done by me and it brought me a lot of Joy (Sam could have done without it). Hearth & Home were tended to.

My life has gone through many changes since Iona, and I have been feeling the island's presence and influence swell inside me a lot recently. I want to, once again, turn that love and wisdom outward.

Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling the call to write lately (something I have mentioned in my newsletters) and was trying to put my finger on the cause. I have come to the conclusion that it's mostly because I don't have any words...or at least the few I do have feel paltry and redundant. With everything going on in the world right now, I feel spent and a little powerless.

So what do I do about this??? I am hoping 2017 gives me some ideas. I believe I need to revisit how I write. This might be the key (I wrote this post on my iPhone in Evernote while tucked warmly in bed with Sam, who tends to whine for attention every time I sit down at the computer). For now, I will get my last newsletter of 2016 out there and focus on things to come.