Home Cooking

All Ready for the Week

The way I cook has changed quite a bit since I started this blog, back in 2008. For one thing, I rarely use recipes, which is how my Grandmother used to cook!

Also, food is now my day job...which I dreamed of back then, but making it your job changes how much you do it at home. When I return from a job where I stand on my feet all day...the last thing I feel like doing is standing some more!
But, having said that, I am trying to recapture the spirit of my kitchen. I am getting back to cooking on Sunday for the week and enjoying being in the kitchen. I used to love putting on music to sing along to while cooking (now I can practice my opera chorus music!) My new place also has a lot of green surrounding it, so I like to keep the door open to get more air and allow Sam to lay outside while I work. I love watching him out there...it's so precious.
When I was cooking back in NYC, I used to wish I was cooking for a living, or for others on a regular basis. Since coming to Louisiana I've been manifesting that dream/goal in a big way! I've been personal cheffing one way or another the entire time I've been down here, and now that I have my own kitchen again I've taken on a little side work, helping people (and myself) eat healthier food by preparing it for them. This is allowing me to use my health coaching and culinary skills combined because I can help tailor the menus to suit their particular dietary needs. When I worked in the Abbey Kitchen, on Iona, we had to take special diets into consideration all the time, so I am quite used to it!
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