Home Again

Sam, Making Himself At Home

When you return home from Pilgrimage a changed person...with all these new ideas bursting inside your heart and head...you need to find a way to absorb them all into the life you are now going to live...at home...

As I wrote in my June Newsletter, I want to to take a look at the "Practices of Pilgrimage," as outlined in Christine Valter Painter's, The Soul of a Pilgrim. These include:

1. The Practice of Hearing the Call and Responding.
2. The Practice of Packing Lightly.
3. The Practice of Crossing the Threshold.
4. The Practice of Making the Way by Walking.
5. The Practice of Being Uncomfortable.
6. The Practice of Beginning Again.
7. The Practice of Embracing the Unknown.
8. The Practice of Coming Home.


I started by researching schools for online courses in social justice and food...then talking to one of my activist friends in New York. She suggested I start by volunteering. Then I began talking to my friends at work (I love to brainstorm) and one day one of them suggested a group for me to get involved with right here in Shreveport called "We Grow Together." Where they teach kids how to garden and cook healthy food. Boom.

Coming home from Scotland this last time also got me to thinking about home and where that is. Louisiana is where I am right now. I used to put up a lot of blocks to starting friendships etc. because I didn't know how long I would be here, but that started to feel lonely, the longer I was here. So I gradually started being more social and open to letting things and people in. Before I knew it, I had started creating a life right where I was. Imagine that. I have learned the importance of being all in. Being where I am, completely.

So, I decided it was time to settle (for lack of a better word) for a while. Having my car insured, etc in CT, and all my stuff in storage has been keeping me scattered. I recently moved into a new apartment with my Sam, with a little help from my friends and I am excited to start this new chapter. Creating a home, feeling at home.